Puppy Love


What is it about these silly animals that makes us love them so much hey?! I spent 2 days with Hermy at the weekend and I loved every second – sometimes I wish I lived back at home just so I could sit cuddling him every evening. He is a proper little mate and I love seeing his excited wagging tail when I walk through the door at my parents house, and if you’re not an animal person you just don’t understand. Here he is pretending to be asleep so we didn’t take him for a walk in the rain…


Throwback Thursday


Today’s throwback is to this time last year running along the Great British seafront with my favourite pooch. The weather here has been fairly mild recently, however today is wet, windy and generally quite miserable. Spring is just around the corner and I cannot wait until it is light enough in the evenings to go for a run, and it doesn’t constantly feel like we are living in darkness.

Throwback Thursday


This week my throwback Thursday is all about snow. We had a little sprinkling of the white stuff here on Tuesday (although I spent the whole day telling everyone it wasn’t proper snow as the South’s excuse for snow is no where near as good as the North’s snow) but I suppose it was very pretty and made my walk to work through Bournemouth Gardens a little more enjoyable. It reminded me of when we first got Hermy and we had surprise snow in March. We weren’t sure if Hermy had ever seen snow before as he was very wary of it and wouldn’t walk on it, so me and my Dad dressed him up in wellies so his paws didn’t get cold :)

Throwback Thursday


Even though the sun is shining brightly today, the weather in the UK has been pretty appalling the past week. Bootcamp (which I need to write a blog post about) was cancelled yesterday morning because it was quite literally bucketing down. Grim. And today on my drive from Southampton to Bournemouth I couldn’t help but daydream about the summer and that spring is hopefully only just around the corner..

Throwback to 1993!


All I can say is thank god I had braces! The little furry one is Abbey, an Alsatian cross Corgi (yes we know, very odd) who was my best friend from the age of 3-14. She was rescued from the RSPCA and was the best little mate I could’ve asked for as a child, and the things I used to put her through to play with me would’ve pushed any dog to their limit! We still talk about the time I painted her claws with purple nail varnish without telling my parents and they thought there was something wrong with her! Bless her ♡