Deliciously Ella : Energy Bites : Update


Ever since I have been into trying to be healthy healthier, I have absolutely loved Deliciously Ella’s Almond and Chia Seed Energy Bites. I can’t get enough of them and have a constant supply in the fridge. I keep some in the fridge at work for that mid morning snack attack that a banana and a cup of green tea is not enough to curb, and always eat one or two before or after my Kayla Itsines BBG workouts. They are so tasty (especially now I have invested in proper cacao powder – hellooo penny sale in Holland & Barrett), versatile and good for you that I can’t understand why you wouldn’t want to eat them! One thing I have discovered is that I actually prefer them being made out of Brazil nuts rather than almonds. This was a happy accident as I was making a batch one day and didn’t have any almonds so thought I’d substitute them for Brazil nuts, and voila – I preferred them this way! To me they are a lot softer in texture, and they also taste a bit sweeter in my opinion. So if you fancy a change try making them with Brazil nuts – or any other kind of nuts for that matter. You can find a similar recipe on Ella’s website here, however I actually use the recipe from her book which is slightly different that you can buy here.

Whilst we’re on the topic of snacking, I just have to mention Nakd bars. These little gems are 100% raw, vegan and dairy free, yet are so tasty it is hard to believe they are good for you. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive (as is most healthy food – why is that?). So imagine my utter happiness when I was in Holland & Barrett browsing the penny sale items and I discovered they were in it too! So I stocked up my snack drawer at work (they are perfect for mid afternoon when that chocolate bar is jumping out at you from the vending machine) and kept my OCD very happy too.


Nakd bars are also very good if you don’t have the time to make healthy snacks at home. As I mentioned in my previous post, my life is currently a little busy as Dan and I are in the process of moving to London, so I don’t really have the time to be making nutritious snacks (I have started packing up the kitchen too which doesn’t help either). So for now, these will be my go-to healthy snack in the afternoons at work while everyone else is eating cake and biscuits. Go me.


Feeling Inspired


So I’ve been a little quiet on here recently – I seem to be busy all the time doing this and that, and neglecting certain parts of my life. Saying this, I spent last weekend at Centre Parcs in Longleat Forest for a friends hen party. We were there for 4 days, we had no phone signal, spent the entire weekend in trainers, didn’t wear make up, it was BRILL. There were 10 girls in total, and with most of us not knowing each other it was a really good opportunity to make new friends and enjoy celebrating our friends upcoming wedding. Above are 4 photos that sum up the weekend – cycling, drunken yoga poses (if you’ve ever played the cereal box game you will appreciate how hard it is and that I had to think outside the box when I couldn’t reach any further while on my feet!), lots of wine and bubbles (and willy straws!) and a run around a gorgeous lake. It was perfection, and right up my street. I feel like it was really good for my mind to just get away from it all – no work, no stress, everything was prepaid so I didn’t have to worry about money. One thing we did do however was watch the London Marathon on Sunday morning after our 8am yoga class and while munching on a fried breakfast sandwich each. Just bliss.

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Davina McCall : Sugar Free Banoffee Pie


I’ve been pretty slack at blogging recently, but you know, I’ve been busy. I’ll get over it. The sun has decided to make a very welcome appearance in Bournemouth over the last week or so, and I have spent as much time as possible soaking up some much needed vitamin D. I’ve also been watching the last few episodes of Game Of Thrones before Season Five starting tonight (yay), trying to find the perfect pair of patterned trousers and juggling two jobs and life. However much I love a Bank Holiday weekend, it really does screw me over at work, and yeah, it’s been pretty stressful. Last weekend was Easter weekend however and I enjoyed 4 glorious days off work. It was the best. I cooked, I ate, I drank, I saw friends, I saw family and I got sunburnt. It was goodRead More »

Happy Easter!


I am one of those people who posts pictures of food on social media all the bloody time. You know the ones – they go out for dinner, they take a photo. They cook a reasonably ok meal at home, they take a photo. I’m not even ashamed, my life seems to revolve around what I’m about to eat and I’m totally OK with it – going out with friends always involves eating (I don’t think I could be friends with anyone who didn’t like to eat), going anywhere with Dan is guaranteed to include food, my life generally revolves around what is going in my mouth next. Read More »

Just A Spoonful Of Sugar..


If you have previously read any of this blog, you may be aware I am trying desperately to reduce my refined sugar intake in the hope that one day I might be completely sugar free. This is quite a challenge for me as I have a ridiculous sweet tooth and could easily eat sweet food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have been documenting my journey through blog posts of recipes I have tried and my thoughts on them, and however much I love the food I have been making, it is still so hard to steer clear of refined sugar because it is pretty much in everything. Literally EVERYTHING. From tomato ketchup, cereal (even the healthy stuff), yoghurts to pretty much everything that isn’t straight out the ground or from a tree. Read More »

Deliciously Ella : Healthy Nutella


WOW. Just wow. Today I made another Deliciously Ella recipe and this time it was her healthy version of Nutellahazelnut and cacao spread, and it has totally blown my mind and taste buds alike. Seriously why have I not made this earlier?! Like the majority of the UK’s population I am addicted to the nutty chocolatey goodness of Nutella and I can eat it straight out the jar without a second thought. But once I have shoved a few spoonfuls in my mouth I feel instant pangs of guilt about all the sugar and crap I have just fed into my body. Scarily, Nutella‘s main ingredient is sugar. Not hazelnuts like you’d imagine hey. And then the second main ingredient is palm oil which is linked to deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change and animal cruelty – brilliant. Now why on earth do we all carry on eating it if it is so bad for us? Because it tastes so bloody good that’s why. Read More »

Davina McCall : Power Balls


Apologies for the lack of posts over the last week or so, I’ve actually been very busy doing not a lot. I’ve had this week entirely off work (yep, both jobs) so I have been pottering around, spending time with my friends, family and boyfriend, watching Supervet and generally doing all the things I don’t normally have time to do. Like making lasagne from scratch last night, for example. So yeah, sorry not sorry about that. My sugar free quest got left slightly on the back-burner in the run up to my time off, you know what it’s like when you’re winding down for a week off and work seems to get busier and busier in the run up, it’s typical isn’t it. So I didn’t have much time to do any cooking or baking which mades me sad. However, yesterday I upped my game and not only did I make lasagne entirely from scratch (white sauce and all) but I made the Power Balls from Davina McCall’s 5 Weeks to Sugar Free cookbook. Read More »