About Hermy & Me


Hermy is the four legged chap that got me into running. Before we got him, I was still under the illusion that I was slim and had a super fast metabolism like I always had done. Photos from 2011 tell me otherwise. I have always been slim, being 5 foot 10 helps, but I was one of those lucky gits who never really put weight on. Even when I went to uni and was binge drinking my weight in alcohol 5 nights out of 7, I still never got bigger. Then I graduated in 2010, got my first desk job and met my now boyfriend, Dan. The desk job was the killer bit for me – I constantly had a packet of biscuits on my desk and the furthest I walked a day was from my car in the car park to my desk, and obviously the weight started creeping on. I was never actually that fat, but I was too big for me, and I was unhealthy – really unhealthy. And my portion size was out of control! Once I left that job and moved back home in 2012, my parents told me I had put on a lot weight and I never once looked back from those comments!

On 6th January 2013, this little naughty boy walked into our lives and never once looked back. My family and I rescued him from an amazing charity called Southern Lurcher Rescue that had found him as a stray and were fostering him until he found his forever home. My dad took one look at him on their website, fell in love instantly and as they say the rest is history. We’re not quite sure how old Hermy is, and we don’t really know what he is (lurcher/greyhound/saluki, you name it, he’s probably got it), but he sure is a character! Lots of pulling on his lead, stealing our food and growling at other dogs later, and he’s now 98% perfect. We can’t trust him off the lead because as soon as he sees something fluffy he’s off, and thinks later about where he left his mum and dad when he’s lost and hungry. But this little chap has given my family a wealth of love and laughs, and he’s now a spoilt little boy. A proper rags to riches story.

I began running with Hermy pretty soon after we got him, but back then we were only running a mile or so before I gave up and came home because I was out of breath and tired. We got to the point in 2014 where we could run a solid 10k in under an hour without breaking a sweat (I completed the Nike Womens 10k in Victoria Park in 53 minutes – go me!), but then shin splints hit. That was then followed by me experimenting with different exercise away from running and developing a love of healthy living (very much in moderation, I can’t say no to cake) and fighting the medical problems that unfortunately run in my family. As I sit here now, I am determined to do the best for me, my body and Hermy, and this blog tells our journey :)


4 thoughts on “About Hermy & Me

    • He sure is a very loved pooch! Thank you for all the hard work you put in with him Helen, he wouldn’t be the boy he is today without you guys :) xx

  1. Hermy has enriched our lives immensely and many thanks to Helen and SLR for all the good work. We are all grateful. Hermy is the centre of our family life !!!! a real star and clown. We love our boy dearly XXXXX Melvyn Claire and Mickey

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