Keeping Fit For Free

Although I do love to hate London’s fitness scene because of the cost, there’s also an awful lot of things going on that are completely free. I love to keep fit for free, especially as the cost of living in London is out of this world and I don’t work in finance. Now my shins are feeling better (not 100%, but my physio has said I’m good to go and they’re feeling like brand new legs to me, although I may always have niggles – humph), one of my new favourite free things to do in London is run with run clubs. Obviously running is free if you can do it outside (until you get injured and end up forking out a ton of money on private physio…hmm.) but it can sometimes get quite lonely. Run clubs are fab, although a little daunting to start with – I just had to buck up my ideas and be brave enough to go. I’ve so far been to two different run clubs, Be: Fit London Run Club and Shake Shack Track & Field, both of which have their perks! Be: Fit leaves from just around the corner from my work, and at Shake Shack Track & Field you get free chips! What’s not to love?! Ideally I would have run more than once with both of these clubs, but work got completely in the way of my life in January so it didn’t quite happen as much as I’d have liked to. Running with clubs also means I am making some like minded fitness friends – hurrah!

Image from Shake Shack
Image from The Runner Beans 

I’ve made a little pact to myself not to run without a run club or further than 5k until my legs are feeling stronger. I’ve got a lot of work to do if I ever want to run that marathon, and I really don’t want to undo all the work my physio did! The week before last, I was lucky enough to get a space on a Frame Barre class in Old Street station as part of Nike Women’s Week (another great thing about living in London is all this kind of stuff that goes on). I’d read from various blogs that Barre classes are especially good for runners legs, so I was very excited to go. After just 30 minutes of the free class and I was sweating and worn out, so obviously once I got home I booked straight onto a full 60 minute version at Frame at Kings Cross. Oh my – I am not a natural ballerina. But what a great workout for those legs and core – I was still hurting on Friday so it must’ve done some good! Unfortunately the classes are on the pricey side so I can’t afford to go every week at the moment, but once Frame opens at Victoria I’ll be spending one lunchtime a week there for sure!


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