Trying something a bit different 


Work It London – image from Fleur Runs
As I write this, I’ve only just managed to get movement back in my upper arms – 48 hours after attending my first boxing class at Work It London. There are muscles hurting that I didn’t even know existed! But even with all the pain, I think boxing might be my new favourite hobby!

On Tuesday night I rushed from work to Oxford Circus to attend a Boxfit class. The instructor, Charlie, is an ex-pro MMA fighter so he definitely knows what he is talking about and I felt in very safe hands. The class started with burpees and a pretty intense ‘warm up’, which was followed by lots of throwing punches, being punched, footwork and more burpees. I was knackered after 10 minutes and I really didn’t know what I had let myself in for! The class followed a series of ‘drills’ working in pairs, with a number relating to each type of punch. Your partner would call out the numbers whilst holding the pads, and you would throw the punches. I didn’t realise how much concentration would be required, and after a hard day in the office it definitely kept my brain ticking along! What I thought was really good was how Charlie kept coming round to ensure everyone knew exactly what they were doing and knew how to do it properly. He advised me, as a complete novice, to concentrate on my footwork then apparently if your footwork is correct then your punches are better. I’m not sure if I’m any good at boxing, however my partner in the class said I have a great left hook! I put all my effort into every second of the class (even the burpees) and I definitely paid for it afterwards – on Wednesday I couldn’t move!

I have to say, I really enjoyed it and will definitely make it a regular part of my routine. The class worked parts of my body that I never even knew I could, and I really enjoyed the endorphin buzz when I left! I came home wanting to tell Dan about every single punch I’d thrown – I somehow don’t think he was as excited as me! It also great at taking my mind off my dodgy shins, and was a great alternative form of exercise that really worked both cardio and strength. All in all, a Tuesday evening well spent. I love that these studios are popping up all over the place, making sports like boxing a lot more available to women and a lot less intimidating – good work the British fitness scene!

They also had some really great mantra on the walls of their Oxford Circus studio – I do love a bit of positivity to live my life by!

Image from First We Kiss
(If you take a look at Charlie’s Instagram page or the Work It London Instagram page, you’ll see a video of the class and me doing burpees in the corner!)


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