My issue with London’s sweat game

So, it’s January. It’s dark, it’s cold, and we’re all trying to be a little bit healthier after the Christmas and New Year binge. And pretty much everyone I know is trying to save money – including me. I’m also trying not to run – my shins haven’t been doing good things for a week or two and I know I need to rest them. So I’ve been trying to get a bit of inspiration for another type of cardio I can do instead of running, that is all importantly low impact. Ideally, as it’s January, this alternative cardio will be indoors.  Instantly my mind thinks of spinning. Great – there’s loads of cool spin classes in London that I keep seeing all over Instagram, surely I’ll have loads to choose from? No.

No because I don’t want to fork out 20 quid per class – I’m not made of money. I’ve got bills and rent to pay, and god forbid I actually want to have a bit of a life, pffft. Unless you are one of those people who a) are raking it in, b) still lives with your parents or even worse c) have Mummy and Daddy paying your rent for you, then I doubt many people can afford these extortionate prices. I don’t know anyone (ok, maybe I know one or two people) who can afford that. And it’s not limited to spinning – it’s all the classes (except Hot Pod Yoga, which I must say I am now appreciating even more about how reasonable it is). Even Classpass which I think is such a genius idea, is still too expensive for the normal twenty-something Londoner like me. What’s wrong with trying to earn a living in a job that doesn’t involve selling your soul to the devil, and keeping fit at the same time?

So for now, I am on the hunt for somewhere that has an introductory offer of some kind to kill the time before the gym opposite my work opens. (And FYI – I’m joining a gym which is £35 a month which is actually realistic on my budget). Any ideas of cheap classes fellow Londoners?

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