Why 2016 won’t be the year I run my first marathon

Sad news for me – I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that 2016 will not be the year I run my first marathon, despite being lucky enough to get a place in the London Marathon through the ballot. It’s been a huge battle of Jekyll and Hyde between the sensible side of my mind and the side that wants to live on the edge for the last few months, but sadly the sensible side has won (much to the relief of my physio and my parents), and I have decided to defer my entry to 2017.


The main reason for this is because of my long suffering shins, which are slowly getting better thanks to the incredible work by Capital Physio. I have blogged numerous times about having shin splints (see here) which I have been suffering with for almost two years now, but  taking the plunge to opt for a private physio seems to be paying off – my shins are getting better! Hurrah! I’ve had a lot of sessions of deep tissue massage and acupuncture since October, and have had orthotics fitted for all my shoes. Turns out, it’s my flat feet that are the root of the problem, with my shins taking the brunt of the impact when I run and walk rather than the (non existent) arch in my foot. Also it has come to light that I have extremely weak legs (I was gutted when the physio told me this – I thought I had thighs of steel!) so I have a lot of work to do to strengthen those bad boys up.

So for now I will be sticking to a maximum of 5k twice a week (at Highbury Fields Parkrun and Be:Fit London Run Club) until I am in a healthy place to start upping my mileage. Combine that with lots of leg strengthening work (hello new-right-next-to-work-so-I-have-no-excuse gym membership), Kayla Itsines BBG and my weekly trip to Hotpod Yoga, and fingers and toes crossed my legs will soon be in a place to even start thinking about running a marathon.


If I’m honest, I’m gutted I can’t run the London Marathon this year, but it’s the best for me in the long run. My bank balance looks a little weary after months of having private physio, but I’ve been telling myself it’s for the best as it’s investing in myself and my future health and happiness. And at least I am lucky enough to have a ballot place which I can easily defer. I’m also so happy that my legs are on the mend – my physio said yesterday I am 80% there which is amazing really. So in the grand scheme of things, I can’t really complain.

Happy running folks – peace out x


2 thoughts on “Why 2016 won’t be the year I run my first marathon

  1. Hey Mickey, whilst I bet you are really disappointed, I think you have made the right decision too. I can imagine training for the marathon is a tremendous strain on your body so you have to sort out the shins first. Good luck ……and give that gorgeous Hermy a big hug from us xxx

    • Thanks Helen! 3 years ago yesterday that we took that gorgeous Hermy boy home ❤️ (he’s a bit fat now haha). I will give him a cuddle for you xx

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